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 H.R.V.A.C. Fields of Activity:

Design, Supervision and Construction Management of:
  • Electro-mechanical systems.
  • Energy centers and central control systems. 
  • HVAC systems for commercial,industrial,research and high-tech facilities. 
  • Clean-rooms of all ISO classes. 
  • Special ventilation systems. 
  • Laboratories:Chemical,Pharmaceutical,Biotech for all BL (hazard) levels.
  • Biotechnology plants in conformity with FDA requirements. 
  • Pharmaceutical plants in conformity with FDA requirements.
  • Microelectronics manufacturing and R&D facilities. 
  • Hardened Shelters including ABC ventilation. 
  • Vehicle&Train Tunnels Ventilation. 
  • Subway station air-conditioning.
  • Refrigeration systems.
  • Thermal storage.
  • Solar Systems.
  • International design-review of electro-mechanical systems.
  • Green Buildings-Consulting & Design.

Standards Supported:

  • ISO 9001-2000 & IQNet Compliant-Full Commitement to Quality.

  Green Engineering